Acadia Beach Long Exposure

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Some clouds broke up the perfectly clear blue skies we’ve had for the last few days, promising the possibility of a good sunset — and it didn’t disappoint.

Continuing my current beach theme, I headed to Acadia Beach near UBC. I walked about a kilometre along to find this rock formation which seemed interesting and was at the water level.

The clouds were moving relatively quickly across the sky, although it was pretty calm at ground level, so I set up with another low viewpoint (upsetting a few crabs hiding in the rocks) and took a long exposure to capture the motion in the sky while smoothing out the water as it lapped against the shore.

I used my usual filter setup of a 3-stop graduated ND filter for the sky, a circular polariser to capture the reflections, and a 10-stop ND filter to slow the shutter speed, ending up with an exposure time of 4 minutes.

beach golden hour seascape sunset
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