Altamont Beach

For the past few days I’ve been chasing a shot that I can picture in my mind over in West Vancouver, and have been continually defeated by a combination of inconveniently-moored boats and inconveniently-positioned clouds.

Sadly, this isn’t that shot. Tonight I headed to Altamont Beach in West Vancouver to try again, and while the conditions weren’t perfect, unfortunately they were good enough for me to see that the shot I’m imagining is going to be tricky at best to achieve, and may not be possible. I’ve not given up, but it’s probably time to regroup and think again!

However, that didn’t stop me grabbing the chance to capture a post-sunset beach photo. A bank of thick cloud blocked out the sun until just before it set, but some thinner high cloud picked up the colours about five minutes after it set, and reflected beautifully on the water, so I resigned myself to once again driving home in wet shoes, and waded in to find an interesting composition. I particularly liked this big, dimpled rock, so picked a low, wide-angle viewpoint to capture it. A three-stop graduated ND filter controlled the brightness in the sky.

beach golden hour seascape sunset west vancouver
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