Canada Day 2015

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Happy Canada Day!

Here’s a panoramic photo of the amazing Canada Day fireworks display outside Canada Place in downtown Vancouver. This was probably the best Canada Day fireworks display I’ve seen since I moved out here!

To get the shot I wanted I had to do the opposite of everyone else downtown, and head out of Vancouver and across the bridge to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver, where I could get a view straight across the water. Of course, this is a great viewing location for anyone in North Vancouver, and with the amazing weather continuing, the entire waterfront was packed with people! Fortunately, I managed to arrive early enough to get a front-row seat!

The downside of the hot weather, from a photographic point of view, was the heat haze which was causing a lot of distortion, with the city lights twinkling across the water. Fortunately once the sun had set the air settled a little.

I was hoping to be able to see the Shangri-La behind the fireworks, but this year’s display was so bright and colourful it’s all but blocked out!

blue hour downtown fireworks panorama skyline vancouver waterfront
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