Celebration of Light 2013, Day 3: Thailand

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Tonight was the third and final night of the Celebration of Light fireworks competition that took place in Vancouver over the last week. This display was by the team from Thailand.

I decided to continue my theme of panoramic city skyline photographs that I have taken throughout the fireworks competition, and for tonight I decided to head out to West Vancouver for a view from high above the city on Cypress Mountain. Fortunately the low cloud that has been hanging around Vancouver for the last two days cleared just a couple of hours before the fireworks began, otherwise this viewpoint may well have had no view!

The location of this viewpoint means that English Bay, and the fireworks barge, is right at the far edge of the downtown skyline, so I knew this was going to be a wide panoramic image to capture some of the iconic Vancouver buildings. Because this viewpoint is high up, it also gives a much better idea of the number of boats that head to English Bay to watch the displays. (At the other locations I’ve shot from, most of them are hidden behind the nearest layer!)

Thailand’s display put them fairly clearly into second place in my eyes, ahead of the UK display but still far less impressive than the stunning display from the Canadian team on Wednesday.

In the foreground, the large black area is Stanley Park, with a few light trails from vehicles driving through visible. In the distance on the far left, the column of smoke is from the Lehigh Hanson cement plant in Delta, and on the horizon in the middle you can see the antenna farm on Mount Constitution, located on Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands in the US.

blue hour fireworks panorama skyline vancouver
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