Cirque du Soleil Firework Display

For the 30th birthday of the Cirque du Soleil, a firework display was put on outside the Plaza of Nations, next to BC Place in Vancouver. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were no moored boats in the foreground from the Olympic Village side, an unusual occurrence, which allowed me to get down low to the water to photograph this.

As usual with events like these in Vancouver, there was a good turnout of both spectators and photographers, so I had to get there early to stake my spot! The event advertised 'low-altitude fireworks’, but I rather underestimated just how low they would be — I was all set up for a wide panoramic image reaching all the way around to Science World (out of shot to the right), with a focal length of around 25mm, but once the fireworks started it was clear this was far too wide, so I had to quickly switch to doing a tighter panoramic image of just the downtown skyline and BC Place, with a focal length of around 85mm! I took six shots for this panoramic sequence, cropped down to around five here.

blue hour fireworks panorama reflections skyline vancouver
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