Coal Harbour Reflections

Even after living in Vancouver for coming up to two years, there still seems to be an endless number of photographic opportunities, even just within sight of my apartment building!

It feels like a while since I’ve done a Vancouver 'city and water’ blue hour photograph, so I figured I’d go out and make sure I hadn’t forgotten how. It was also a good chance to make sure that my replacement 16–35mm lens still gave me the starburst effect I’d loved in the original lens — clearly it does!

This was shot from the north-east corner of the Coal Harbour Marina, looking towards the waterfront apartment buildings — mine can be seen at the far left.

Even at 16mm, I wasn’t able to quite fit this into a single shot, so this is two photos stitched together, each shot at f/8, ISO 200, 15 seconds. This was long enough to make most of the people walking on the seawall disappear.

blue hour coal harbour panorama reflections vancouver waterfront
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