Coal Harbour Sunset

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Very occasionally, Vancouver sees some especially stunning sunsets, where the last rays of the setting sun light up the clouds from underneath, causing the sky to light up with colour.

These conditions are rare, hard to predict, and last only for a couple of minutes, so catching one is extremely tricky! However, last week I was lucky enough to be in the right place (or close enough) at the right time to catch this brief but stunning sky.

I wasn’t expecting it, so even though I had my camera with me, I had to rush to get set up before the conditions passed. I managed to capture this five photo panoramic image of Coal Harbour, the seawall, and the seaplane terminal, with the light in the sky reflecting in the still water. Less than a minute after I took the final photo, the colour faded from the clouds as the sun passed below the horizon.

blue hour coal harbour downtown golden hour panorama seaplanes skyline stanley park sunset vancouver waterfront
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