CRAB Park at Portside

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October in Vancouver has been a month of rain, making for difficult photo opportunities, even with the autumnal colours which are now starting to go past their peak. Sunday was a rare exception, a day without rain, and mostly sunny, and I was eager to get out and take some photos.

For this shot, I headed to CRAB Park at Portside, which opened in 1987 and was named after the committee that created it, 'Create a Real Available Beach’. This park is in the area of the city known as Downtown Eastside, or DTES, commonly (although incorrectly) referred to as Canada’s poorest postal code, and which has issues with crime and drug use. The park, however, is beautifully maintained and very pleasant.

It commands a view towards the dock areas of the city, out of shot to the right, and an unusual view of downtown as seen from the east. On the left of the photo is the Harbour Centre, with the Vancouver Lookout viewing platform on top. The Vancouver Sun tower is in the centre of the photo, with the air traffic control tower visible on top, which coordinates activity at the seaplane and helicopter terminals. This is the highest air traffic control tower in the world. On the right are the five sails of the Canada Place building. In the foreground is the floating helicopter dock, and behind it the terminal for the Seabus ferry.

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