Don Burnett Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge

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The day after my conference in California, I was looking for a photo excursion that was close to home (or at least, to my hotel). Searching in the local area, I found the Don Burnett Pedestrian and Bicycle Bridge, a cable-stayed bridge crossing the I-280 in Cupertino.

Of course, being me, I had to make the trip at blue hour to capture the last of the sunset light, combined with the lit up bridge supports towering overhead. It was the perfect opportunity to get out the ultra-wide lens and capture the architecture of this bridge.

Despite being quite late when I took this, the bridge was still remarkably busy, which made getting this shot quite tricky, timing-wise! This was even more the case as the lights were bright enough to justify the use of HDR, with a total of 7 bracketed exposures taken to capture the shadow detail and highlights of this scene.

blue hour bridges california
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