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This was taken from a beach looking north from Horseshoe Bay in West Vancouver. Horseshoe Bay is a major ferry terminal, serving Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast, as well as several smaller islands, so the view was frequently interrupted by large ferries passing by (and, a few minutes later, by the waves from their wake!)

Vancouver’s beaches are known to have a lot of driftwood, and this beach was no exception. I had to climb over quite a lot of huge logs to get to the 'front lines’ for this shot.

Working out a composition was a bit daunting, as there was so much disarray, but I eventually settled on this, using the unusually-shaped worn down roots of a tree as the centre point.

On the right hand side can be seen the west slopes of the mountains in Cypress Provincial Park. Starting from just to the right of the centre and moving left, you can see Bowyer Island, Anvil Island, Gambier Island and Bowen Island.

I used a 3-stop graduated ND filter for this photograph.

beach golden hour howe sound seascape sunset west vancouver
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