Ducks in a Row

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Exploring the Convention Centre complex last night, I found a lower walkway than I’ve not previously accessed, that leads to the new (and rather fancy) seaplane terminal check-in, with the seaplane dock beyond.

By this time it was properly dark, and the thick, low cloud was reflecting the lights of the ski areas on the North Shore. Fortunately it was a relatively calm night, so I was able to set up for a long exposure without getting too much motion in the seaplanes.

This was a 3 minute 40 second (or actually, 3:36 — it seems my intervalometer was in a hurry) exposure at f/11 to bring out the starbursts. I started off with my 24–105mm lens, but noticing that the best framing worked at around 35mm, switched to the super-wide lens for the 14-pointed starbursts it gives.

In the distance on the left are the lights of Grouse Mountain, and the lights of Mount Seymour on the right. On the shoreline at the left are the lights of the Vancouver Shipyards, with the lights of North Vancouver to the right. I’m still not a big fan of the extremely yellow lights on the pontoons — they are definitely a photographic challenge!

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