False Creek

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After taking relatively few photos last month, and posting even fewer, I’ve been feeling very guilty, so I’m going to try to both take and process more photos this month!

I’ve also been neglecting one of my favourite genres of photography, blue hour photography, so with clear skies in Vancouver for the past few nights, it was a good opportunity to go out into the city after sunset and get some night shots.

This is False Creek in Vancouver, photographed from Granville Island. Granville Island has lots of great photo opportunities, but I was particularly struck by this composition as I walked past, with the jetty sheltering the nearby water and giving clear, crisp reflections, while the more unsettled water of False Creek beyond gave softer, more blurred reflections.

Part of the West End can be seen across the water, with part of the Granville Street Bridge, built in 1954, visible on the right hand side. Out of shot to the right is Granville Island Public Market.

blue hour downtown skyline vancouver
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