Golden Sunset

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At this time of year, the sun sets so far to the south that it’s difficult to get a clear view from downtown or Stanley Park, so I often find myself either going to West Vancouver or UBC for an uninterrupted view.

I photographed this sunset on a beach in West Vancouver. Some clouds provided a wonderful golden glow on the horizon, and a very high tide meant that the water level was right up to the driftwood and rocks. Only a few feet out of shot to my right was one of the oceanfront houses that line this long stretch of coastline.

The large waves meant that the top of the driftwood was quite wet, reflecting the rays of the sun and the golden light on the horizon. I waited until a wave swirled around the logs to take this shot, which with a half-second exposure captured the motion in the water.

A three-stop graduated ND filter allowed me to control the light in the sky and on the horizon, while a circular polariser emphasised the reflections in the rocks and wood on the beach.

beach golden hour seascape sunset west vancouver
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