Granville Island Public Market

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The Granville Island Public Market in Vancouver. Granville Island, actually a peninsula, was originally an industrial area, but is now a popular tourist and shopping destination on False Creek in Vancouver, just across the Granville Street Bridge from downtown. The market building contains many permanent and temporary retailers selling a wide variety of food and craft items.

For this photo I set up on the Granville Street Bridge, which crosses over the centre of the island, giving me a vantage point looking down on the market building, looking north-west. The large sign on the top of the public market building is visible in the centre of the shot, with the Burrard Bridge in the background. False Creek runs under the bridge and separates the island from the buildings of downtown Vancouver, visible on the right. One of several marinas on False Creek can be seen on the far left. The last glow of orange from the sunset still lights up the western horizon, although the city lights have long since come on.

A windy day combined with a lot of bus traffic on the bridge made for tricky shooting conditions, with me having to wait for both a gap in the traffic and a lull in the wind to avoid vibrations being transmitted to the camera. To keep the shutter speed low, I used an aperture of f/5.6 and set the ISO to 1600.

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