Jupiter over Wildcat Cove

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The beach at Wildcat Cove is part of Larrabee State Park in Washington, which closes at dusk, so I had to park outside and sneak back in to take this shot. It was low tide, so climbing over the slippery rocks to get to the waterline in the dark was an interesting experience!

The bright object dead centre is Jupiter. Also visible are Orion’s Belt, Aldebaran, Rigel, Capella and many others! Some of the banding of the Milky Way is very faintly visible, but there was too much moisture in the air to allow the structure to show well without heavy processing.

The glow of Victoria on Vancouver Island is very clearly visible on the horizon, as well as some lights on the nearer islands. Some very faint reflections of the brightest stars are just about visible on the water.

30 second exposure at 16mm, f/2.8, ISO 1600 for the stars, and 5 minute exposure at the same settings for the foreground rocks (lit by the light of a house to my right), manually blended.

night sky washington
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