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LightShed is a 2004 sculpture by Liz Magor, located on the seawall by the Coal Harbour Marina, in Vancouver.

The design is based on the old boatsheds which used to line the shoreline, before the Coal Harbour area turned residential. Although it’s designed to look like it’s made from wood, the entire structure is actually made from cast aluminium.

I’ve been waiting for a cloudy day to photograph this with an extra-long exposure, and today there was a nice level of variation in the brightness of the clouds, and for added benefit, the wind was blowing along the length of the sculpture. It was an extremely humid day, and as I started to take this shot, some small drops of rain landed on the filter, but fortunately that was all that fell, and they soon evaporated.

This is a 9 minute exposure at ISO 100, f/16. To get this length of exposure I used a total of 13 stops of filtration.

black and white coal harbour vancouver
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