Lions Gate Reflections

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This shot of the Lions Gate Bridge is taken from the north side, a more unusual vantage point for this bridge. Getting here requires quite literally parking on the wrong side of the tracks!

I’ve tried to take this photo a few times before, but it’s really tricky to get the tide at just the right height — too low and the reflections aren’t complete, too high and the water isn’t smooth.

Earlier this week, I managed to get it just right, and although it involved me getting wet feet, and having to move backwards a couple of times as the tide came in, I was able to get the complete bridge reflected at sunset.

Not only that, but the setting moon moved perfectly into frame just as the lights of the bridge came on — I couldn’t have planned it any better!

The bridge is really towering above you from this vantage point, so I needed an extremely wide field of view to capture the whole thing, including the reflections. Even my wide-angle lens couldn’t get it all in, so this is a three-column by two-row panoramic photo.

Returning in the dark to where I had parked the car, I was pleased to discover it was still there, although less pleased to have to wait twenty minutes with wet feet while a complex shunting procedure on the train tracks prevented me from getting back across!

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