Rooftop Sunset

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I have been meaning to process some of the photos I took during my trip to San Francisco this month, but I’ve had a lot of non-photography work to catch up on, and have also been building and configuring a new computer to speed up my photography workflow. Having finally got most of the tools I commonly use installed and configured, I wanted to give the system a shakedown.

This photo, which I took just over a week ago, seemed like a good candidate to make sure everything was working as I wanted. I’ve been meaning to take a shot from the roof of my apartment building at sunset, but looking east rather than west, and have been looking for conditions where the clouds in this direction would be lit up by the sunset.

This was a very hot and humid day, and even by sunset it was very warm on the roof, with occasional gusts of wind that felt as if they were coming directly out of an oven! However, the light on the clouds made up for that, which combined with the reflections of the sky behind me in the buildings, made for some incredible colours!

My ultra-wide lens is currently back at Canon for repairs so I was unable to get the buildings I wanted into a single shot with any of my other lenses, so took a four-shot vertical panorama to capture this view of downtown Vancouver.

coal harbour downtown golden hour panorama skyline vancouver
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