Shore Pine Point

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This afternoon I took a trip over to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver to catch the sunset. I’ve been struggling for inspiration (and time!) a little this month, and this always seems to be a good place to go to get it back!

I first headed to a location down by the water which I’d scouted out on a previous trip, but at the time the tide had been too high for the shot I wanted. Unfortunately, this time the tide was too low — at least I now know an approximate height to aim for on a future trip! Instead, I headed to Shore Pine Point at the south-west corner of the park, which I haven’t previously visited.

Despite the beautiful sunset and relatively mild conditions, the point was deserted. For this shot, I wanted to capture one of the trees that the point is named after, so I set up to frame the tree reaching high overhead. Shooting into the sun made for a challenging shot, so I took advantage of a smaller tree, positioning myself so that the sunlight was partially blocked by it, with it still letting enough light through to get the lens starburst.

A bank of fog on the horizon blocked the last couple of minutes of sunshine, but allowed me to pack up a little earlier and get back to the car while it was still light enough to not trip over the tree roots on the Shore Pine Trail.

golden hour sunset west vancouver
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