Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks (1)

'Skies Painted with Unnumbered Sparks’ is a sculpture by Janet Echelman that has been installed outside the Vancouver Convention Centre for the duration of TED2014.

The 745 foot long net is suspended above the area between the Convention Centre and Canada Place, and in a collaboration with Google, is lit by projectors that are controlled by the smartphones of visitors.

The piece is amazing to look at, and is impressively large, even more so given that it’s only on display for a week.

Tonight, it appeared that quite literally every photographer in Vancouver had turned out to photograph the sculpture, and you could barely move for tripods, so getting an uncluttered shot was a challenge! I wanted to show the sculpture in the context of the city around it, so I photographed this from the north side of the sculpture, looking at the downtown buildings beyond.

The red lighting of the Convention Centre on the right made a nice contrast to the blue-purple of the sculpture, so I took this 2 row panorama to allow me to capture that, as well as the railing leading into the photo.

blue hour downtown panorama vancouver
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