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A panoramic star photograph taken from the beach at Porteau Cove Provincial Park last week. This is a different view than I normally take from Porteau Cove, and looks more directly west.

This panorama is comprised of a total of 6 photos for the ground and 31 for the sky. Sky shots were taken at ISO 3200 for 20 seconds, and the ground shots were taken at ISO 1600 for 120 seconds.

Anvil Island can be seen almost in the centre of the photograph. The light domes on either side of the island are from Gibsons and Nanaimo, with the light from Squamish just starting to brighten the sky in the far right of the photo. No prizes for guessing which direction Vancouver is from here!

This panorama covers a field of view of over 180 degrees horizontally. The tide was almost all the way in, and was starting to just float the lighter logs, causing them to bump into each other in the slight swell — a slightly odd noise in the dark! To provide a sense of scale I included myself in one of the photos.

howe sound night sky panorama
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