Stormy Sunset at Klootchman Park

After a few days of sunshine, the weekend brought the rain, with heavy rain and wind warnings issued in and around Vancouver. Steady rain throughout the day, with occasional downpours and heavy winds resulted in localised flooding and power outages in parts of the Lower Mainland.

As Saturday evening grew near however, the rain died away a little, and looking to the west I saw some clear sky that suggested the possibility of a good sunset. After my usual procrastination and eventual sticking a pin in the map, I headed to Klootchman Park in West Vancouver, just to the north of Lighthouse Park.

I’d hoped to catch the sun bursting through the clouds just before it set, but the clear patch was followed by another bank of cloud that prevented it from being seen directly. Instead, I set up to capture this long exposure showing the sun lighting up the clouds, still moving quickly across the sky from the wind.

This is a two minute exposure using a 3-stop graduated ND filter and a 10-stop ND filter. The two small islands closest to the camera are the Grebe Islets, with Passage Island, another small island, almost hidden in the silhouette of the much larger Bowen Island.

golden hour sunset west vancouver
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