Sunset over Bowen Island

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We’re in for a few days of cloud and rain in Vancouver, and the clouds were just starting to come in from the west on Thursday night, promising a good sunset.

I headed out to a park I’ve never been to in West Vancouver for this shot. This is probably the smallest park I’ve visited around Vancouver — a series of about fifty steps running close between two West Vancouver mansions led down to a small flat area which was well under half the size of my apartment, with a park bench looking out across the water.

Some rock formations in the water made a nice foreground for a shot looking out towards Bowen Island and the sunset. This was taken about 15 minutes after the sun disappeared behind the island, and the last rays gave two or three minutes of stunning colour in the sky, and reflected on the water.

I used a 3-stop graduated ND filter to control the brightness of the sky compared to the foreground, and a circular polariser to capture the colour of the reflections on the water.

beach golden hour seascape sunset west vancouver
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