Sunset over Point Atkinson Lighthouse

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The golden-orange setting sun passes behind a thin bank of cloud as the Point Atkinson Lighthouse flashes its warning signal out from Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver.

I’ve been hoping to get this shot for most of the month, but the weather has been firmly against me, with the only days where we’ve had a clear sunset coinciding with an alignment from parts of the coastline which are unable to be reached without a boat.

This was my last chance for the year, as the next most northerly viewpoint (required as the sun sets further and further south as we approach the winter solstice) no longer has a clear view of the lighthouse, so I jumped at the chance when the weather looked promising, and headed to a very peaceful section of beach in West Vancouver.

Unfortunately a bank of cloud came in from the west just at the last minute, and prevented me from capturing the sun right down by the lighthouse, but given the poor conditions for most of the month, I was very happy to get this shot — at least until Spring when the next chance comes along!

A single exposure at 600mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1/640th. I tried to predict when the lighthouse would flash and hit the shutter at just the right moment, but kept missing it, so took the easy way out and set the camera to high-speed burst mode and just kept taking photos until I got one with it lit!

golden hour lighthouse seascape sunset west vancouver
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