Vancouver at Christmas

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Another few days of damp and overcast weather showed signs of clearing this afternoon as some blue sky became visible. Looking to the south-west, the clouds were thinning, and it looked as though there was a chance of an interesting sunset, so I took a trip over to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver for a view of the city looking in the direction of the setting sun.

Sadly the clouds remained just a bit too thick to let the sunset colours through, and haze that was almost approaching the levels of a very thin mist was really affecting the view over the water. The overall result was a bit disappointing, so I hung around until the blue hour, as the patterns and texture in the clouds was quite interesting.

This photo was taken about an hour after sunset, and by this time the hazy mist that was spoiling my sunset shot was being lit up by the city lights, causing an unusual and interesting glow. The clouds were also thinning in places, giving some nice impact to the sky. The added glow of the city lights from the mist, along with the 'tree’ on top of the Harbour Centre building, gave the scene quite a feel of Christmas!

This is a 4-shot vertical panorama, with each frame being a 7-shot HDR bracket to keep detail in the highlights, shot at 300mm. The exposures ranged from 1/15th to 15 seconds at ISO 800, f/11.

blue hour panorama skyline vancouver waterfront
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