West from Juniper Point

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It was another hot day, but some clouds on the horizon gave promise to an interesting sunset, so I headed to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. The downside of Lighthouse Park is that the viewpoints, although not far, are quite a long way below the level of the car park, and the walk back on a hot and still rather humid day wasn’t something I was looking forward to!

I chose to walk to the Juniper Point viewpoint, not only because it was a bit shorter, but also because it has views from east to west, allowing good photos of the sunset.

The sunset was not as dramatic as I’d hoped, but still quite impressive. In the distance are the hills of Bowen Island, with the mountains on the Sunshine Coast behind them. The two Grebe Islets are also visible, with the small lighthouse on the left one sticking up. On the water in the foreground, a canoe passes by.

Although this looks like quite a high viewpoint, the camera was only about 2 feet above the ground, which slopes away to cliffs, popular with rock climbers (you never know when one is suddenly going to appear over the edge and into your photo!). This tree, hanging precariously on the cliff edge, was just asking to be photographed. I framed the last rays of the sun before it set behind the hills to pass through the leaves of the tree, creating a (very mild, for me) starburst effect.

golden hour seascape sunset west vancouver
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